What to pay attention to when using the two in one filtration and washing system

When using the filtering and washing two in one equipment, the following points should be noted:
Equipment placement and power connection:
The equipment should be placed on a flat surface to ensure it does not shake or tilt.
Connect the power supply and ensure that the voltage meets the equipment requirements, and the connectors are firmly connected.
Preparation before washing:
Check if the laundry equipment is placed on the platform to ensure stability.
Check if the water level in the equipment meets the requirements for washing items.
Check the washing items to ensure that there are no foreign objects or hard objects to avoid damaging the equipment or affecting the washing effect.
Operating precautions:
The two in one filtering and washing equipment should only be used for daily household washing and cannot be used for other purposes.
Do not use the device with gloves or without shoes to prevent slipping or accidents.
Do not insert any part of the body into the device during the washing process to avoid danger.
Do not leave the device during use, so as to observe and handle possible problems at any time.
Do not stack items on the device to avoid affecting its normal operation or causing damage.
Detergent usage:
Before using the "two in one" detergent, the areas of clothing that need to be cleaned can be pre treated to remove stains.
Determine how much "two in one" detergent to use based on the capacity of the washing machine and the quantity of clothing to avoid excessive use.
Different types of clothing should be washed separately, and white clothing should be washed separately from other colors to prevent staining.
If allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients, please consult a doctor or professional for advice before use.
Do not mix "two in one" detergent with other cleaning agents to avoid chemical reactions or environmental pollution.
Maintenance and upkeep:
Regularly clean the filter to ensure its unobstructed flow and avoid blockages that may affect equipment performance.
Check if all connecting parts are tightened and ensure that the sealing rings are intact to avoid leakage issues.
Check if the heating elements and temperature sensors are working properly. If there are any abnormalities, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
Following the above precautions can ensure the normal operation and washing effect of the filtering and washing two in one equipment, while extending the service life of the equipment.

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